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How to setup the account posting for landed cost under Closing Stock Posting method?


You must setup at SYSTEM --> Accounts Posting Setting to map the control accounts for posting.  See Example below, where Stock Posting Method = Closing Stock Posting:-  

Note: Stock Control Account and Closing P&L Stock A/c are set under "Product Account Group":

In the second tab (OTHERS), look for the Landed Cost Postings:-  

Where L43100 is Landed Cost Credit Account, E48000 is the Purchase master Control Account and R99900 is the GL code for P&L Closing Stock.

In INVENTORY, go to Product Account Group to ensure the Stock A/c is mapped properly for Stock A/c, Purchase A/c and Closing P&L Stock A/c. 



Assuming we purchase a product at $1,000 with $200 freight expense as Landed Cost:-

On posting of this purchase, the double entries are:-  

* END *

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How to have difference user access the same function but with difference mode

How to have difference user access the same function but with difference mode.

For example: Administrative user have full access right where customer service can only view the data. Use Sales and Credit Invoice as an example
1 Create a user group – example view
2.Create a user – example view

System Manager – Menu Maintenance – Sales

Highlight the option (left most column) of the row you want to duplicate and press - ctrl C to copy.

Move all way down to bottom until you see left column with * sign. Click on the * sign and a right triangle appear, press Ctrl-V to paste.

Change the number to any number greater than 999, recommend to start from 2000. Under Mode column, click on the dropdown and select mode you want, this example, I select view only.

Lastly, ensure you enter the user group information under Description/Group.  

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