Introduction to Interbank GIRO Module:

Maria Fuerte

In Cash Bank book, operations you can find the option called Interbank GIRO:

Set-up needed:

1-Bank Information in Customer Maintenance Via Receivables-Maintenance-Customer Maintenance

2 Bank Information in Supplier Maintenance Via Payables-Maintenance-Supplier Maintenance 

3 Bank Information in Employee Maintenance Via System Manager-System Utilities-Employees

4 Bank Information of your company.

The system is ready to accomodate - DBS, UOB & Tokyo.

Via Cash Bank Book-Operations-Interbank GIRO:

Details to fill are- Bank Number, Branch number, Account number, Account Name, Company ID Used For ideal, Company Code For Direct Debit IBG File Output Dir


5 Optional set up on additional transactions and Reference number used for RR and PV transactions. Via Cash Bank Book-Operations-Interbank GIRO


5.1.  By default the IBG filters GC, GP, RR and PV transactions only. 

5.2  Optional transaction types such as RI, RC, RD, PI, PC and PD are open for selection. 

5.3  There is also an option on which Reference number is being used for RR and PV. If the option is ticked, then the IBG will get the Reference number of the Invoice being allocated. If not, then the IBG simply get the PV/RR transaction number. 

5.4  RR transaction should only be limited to one Sales Invoice allocation

5.5 PV transaction should only be limited to one Purchase Invoice allocation.

5.6 If there is multiple invoice allocation in RR/PV, the IBG will only get the Reference number of the first allocated invoice.

6. Security rights set up on User.  Via System Manager-System Utilities-User Maintenance 

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