How to set product custom conversion [Example buy in pieces then sold in box]?

Maria Fuerte

HOW TO SET PRODUCT CUSTOM CONVERSION [Example buy in pieces then sold in box]?

For example, you want to buy stock ‘ballpen’ in piece then sell in box. There are 2 uom involved- piece and box.

Step 1-In Inventory, product & service maintenance, custom conversion [sample item – ballpen buy in pieces but sell by box], tick the enable unit conversion by product, set the sales/purchase unit to box, stock unit to pcs and the conversion factor to 10 [if in 1box =10pcs].  

Step 2- Recording process for sample purchase of 100 pieces of ballpen in purchase module:

Step 3- Recording process for sample sales-10 boxes will mean 100 pieces sold [conversion of every 1 box is 10pieces] in sales module.

The stock ledger will show as follows- receipt of 100 pieces then issued 100 pieces.

 Note: Related topics are Unit of measure [UOM]. 


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