How to configure / install COS system in my PC?

Maria Fuerte

How to configure COS system?

1.  In COS folder, when click ‘a21UI.erpwinform.exe’, ‘type-configuration’. A notedpad will show then look for line ‘a21constring’ .

2 From the following lines- need edit are 1)Datasource [server name] 2)Catalog [database name]  3)username [sample-‘SA’] and 4) password [sample-A******] .

To edit  datasource = sample[ a2000-manila-5\] using decrypt [encrypt decrypt system]. Then copy & paste encrypted ‘3+3***’ in the notepad.

3 Same process on catalog, user id, password & license server.

4 Then open the ‘COS system’ with WinformUI , type 'application'-


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